Have conversations
anonymously with
strangers on taboos,
fears & more


Audio only platform to express yourself without

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How Sprng Works 

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by Host

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Identity not disclosed

At Sprng, everyone is encouraged to be and show their true self and connect with others through their stories, fears, experiences, dreams, and desires. You can say whatever is in your mind, vent out, offer tips, de-stress, and meet people in a similar situation (Doesn't that make you feel good already?).

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How to join Sprng 

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Select a Colour as
User Name & Join a Room based on Topic

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Share, listen, learn  on the group call
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Some topics on Sprng

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What they say..


The conversations with Strangers was quite rewarding – connections, ability to just be, listen, inspire and help others.

Adventurer | Yoga Enthusiast