We are HalfdaySomeone

In 2019, Halfday Someone started as a platform that gave you a chance to be in someone else's shoes for half a day and experience life like they do. So you could be a bartender, cricketer, rock star, mind reader or anyone else you wished to be for half a day!

In March 2020, when Covid brought us to a halt, we had to adapt. 


Given the uncertainty of the pandemic, we observed that most of us were dealing with a high level of stress and anxiety. It also did not help that we had limited topics of discussion with the people we were locked down with.  We said, let's get a bunch of strangers together on an audio call to talk anonymously about anything but Covid. That's how Halfday Stranger Calls was born!

Over the months, based on feedback we have evolved to theme-based calls and in 6 months engaged with 3000+ strangers. It's been extremely fulfilling to bring back human interactions, a sense of belonging, acceptance, and positive vibes in this new and unprecedented era.


Enough about us, now it's your turn. Join a Halfday Stranger Call and share your story. We are all ears!

Our Team



Sapna is a brainiac. Her experience ranges from Life sciences to Market research.  She is an efficient multitasker and manages the Operations, Ideation and Scheduling at HDSO. 

An army brat who is well travelled, she is also a basketball player, classical dancer and singer. 



HDSO is the brainchild of Sanjeev Shenoy AKA SanjShen. He is  a serial entrepreneur, multi potentialite, has worn many hats including a restauranteur, event manager, sportsman, mystery shopper and many more!

Thru HDSO, his vision is to help people from all walks of life to live their dreams to their true potential, and also bring back the lost human connection in today's digitalized world.


Priyanka, another multi- potentialite is a creative professional with over 8 years of experience in media and communications, fashion writing and designing. At HDSO she is involved in Strategy, Planning, Caller experience, Social media and is a host too!

Her interests range from travel, photography, blogging, hiking, yoga, art, styling, baking and even plantation drives as a green warrior. 

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