Everything you need to know!

What is Sprng?

Sprng is a platofrm to have Live Audio Group Conversations anonymously. Its a SAFE and NON JUDGEMENTAL zone, so you can share freely. The conversations are conducted on Zoom (only audio, no video). All conversations are moderated by a host.

Can I choose which conversations to join?

Yes,you can select the conversation based on the schedule and topic. Check the schedule on www.sprng.world/calendar

How to get started on Sprng?

Go to Calendar on website (www.sprng.world) Select a call on a theme of your choice and reserve your slot. You will receive the call information via email. Please join the call on time. You can share, listen and connect with people.

Can I cancel my slot on Sprng?

We understand your inability to attend a scheduled call due to
unforeseen circumstances. We request you to inform us theu Whatsapp (9743008787) atleast 3 hours prior to the call, so we can offer the slot to others.

What are the pre-requisites to join Sprng?

We highly encourage you to have an open and inquisitive mind to make the most out of the conversations. You need to be over 18 years of age.

Can I reveal my identity / know the identity of others?

Yes! You can use the PRIVATE CHAT option on the Zoom call to connect with any participant based on mutual consent. Note: it is the discretion of the other person if they chose to accept your request.

What are the charges?

All our hosts are volunteers. They put in their time and effort to make our days better. We have introduced Pay-As-You-Like option. If you enjoyed the conversation and want to show your appreciation for the host, you can make a contribution through the link you will receive at the end of each conversation.

Why is Sprng safe?

  1. We do NOT reveal identity of the participants
  2. There is a host/moderator to moderate the calls
  3. We ban and block any participant who violates rules or uses abusive language
  4. Any unwanted words or harmful content is strictly monitored and dealt with strictly

Why join Sprng?

Sprng is a safe place to...

  1. Express your true emotions
  2. You can share anything
  3. Pour your heart out
  4. Need not be afraid of consequences
  5. Someone feels the same way you do
  6. They will be non-judgemental
  7. Share your good and bad experiences
  8. If you are an introvert, you can open up more easily
  9. Have fun!

Who moderates the conversations on Sprng?

Our primary concern is to ensure Sprng is a safe and non judgemental zone for people to express themselves.

Every conversation is moderated by a wide range of hosts including voice over artists, journalist, a singer/rapper, a colour pyschologist, a tattoo artist etc.

These hosts are trained to ensure that each participant gets an equal chance to share their views and guidelines and rules are being followed on the call. Moderators or hosts can Blacklist/remove a participant from the call if they breach the set guidelines and rules.